Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats

  • One of my strengths throughout these last few projects has been Illustrating in a range of styles.
  • My main weakness was developing ideas quickly.
  • Illustrating for briefs such as the 'Natural' topic, 'Floral patterns' and 'Character Illustration' has allowed me to take part in illustration competitions.
  • The biggest challenge working towards these competition briefs has been competing with other artists.

After researching creative job roles and their requirements I've picked out what I think would be most suitable for my skill-sets.

  • Digital Painter - Adding colour to the line images created by Animators

  • Animator (2D drawn animation) - Producing series of static drawings which, when recorded in sequence and projected, create the illusion of movement

  • Inbetweener - Producing the drawings between key poses in order to complete the illusion of movement and action

  • Runner (Animation) - Providing support and backup wherever it might be required within an animation studio. Also supporting the production office and editing department in particular

To be more qualified for these job roles I need to improve skills such as:

  • having good organisation skills.
  • having communication skills
  • need more experience animating.

I need more experience to develop my animation skills and to practice drawing realistic pictures. I am going to keep track of all current animation and illustration competitions appropriate to my skill level so that I can enter anything that my work is suitable for and gain more experience through practice.