Tuesday, 25 March 2014

THE STYLE AND TECHNIQUES OF ANIMATIONS BY: Hornet inc., PepperMelon, Psyop, Punga, Pleix, Sehsucht, TokyoPlastic.

This tea advert by 'Hornet inc' is a really cute style, it reminds
me of how I see a lot of children's books illustrated and I
think the art style fits the ad perfectly.

The animation created for John Lewis' advert by 'Hornet inc.'
is beautiful all of the art is gorgeous but I don't see how this
promotes John Lewis the company however I think that this
advert shows that having a sweet narrative and good animation
may be more important than promoting the product because this
advert drew so much attention and not just from artists (this may
also be to do with the choice of soundtracks by popular musicians).
Though just because the advert has been popular I don't know
how useful this has been for the company.

This animated short from 'Hornet inc.' has good looking
artwork but the movement isn't very impressive, I get the feeling this was
deliberate looking at the art style but it comes across as lazy.
They've looped the animations so much its like watching the
same few second on repeat so it got boring really quick.

This animation from 'Hornet inc.' has some beautiful 2D, I like
the use of backgrounds but I think that the vignette border is
tacky and looks cheap. The black and white color scheme suits
the style of animation so well I didn't notice it was black and
white while watching it, maybe I was distracted by the
disturbing contents of the short film. The characters are creepy
but in an admirable, unique way. It doesn't have an interesting narrative,
so it could get boring quickly but the style of animation is quality.

This animation by 'Hornet inc.' is unusual and very atmospheric, 
which is appropriate for the soundtrack. It didn't have an
obvious or typical storyline and relied mainly on the visuals.
The set used is beautiful and well captured and I really like this
film overall despite not being much of a fan of
abstract or metaphorical story lines.


'PepperMelon' Tis film used good CG animation I was especially
impressed with the backgrounds, I think that its main let downs
were the character design and models, and the narrative. I didn't
sympathize with either of the character and they didn't stand out,
I probably won't remember them by tomorrow. The film looks
very professional and as a great looking environment but the
storyline wasn't interesting I didn't get the narrative at all. 

'PepperMelon's animation for PictoPlasma is really well done,
the originality drew my attention straight away and the characters
are well designed, didn't even need a narrative as it was good
looking and very short.

'Psyop's' animation advertising 'Fable III' was misleadingly
good looking, better looking than the game and represented it very
well. It was straight to the point and eye catching.

When i first saw this animation it was on 'Psyop's Behance
page where all the comments were positive however I found
this animation to be plain and unimpressive. There was
nothing wrong with the animation it just had not interesting
features and I thought it was a pretty poor Ident for MTV in
comparison to some of their other idents such as "Group Hug"

This game advert by 'Psyop' is misleadingly well animated
it makes you expect the game to have good graphics and uses
the characters from the game well.

'Psyop's animation for Twinning's tea has an attractive style that
draws attention, the adverts were overall well received and I was
impressed with the techniques used and the art style. You can
really see the work that has been put into it and its easily one
of my favorite animations by Psyop even is there is
no decent narrative (it being an advert for tea).

'Punga' This film didn't have a clear story but the range of
techniques and styles switching from one to the next
constantly kept it interesting. The different looks of
the animations contrasted well.

'Punga' Personally I like this style of animation the storyboard
wasn't great but I think the animation is fit for purpose.

'Punga' I thought the characters were a bit gross but its animated
in such a cute way that it didn't bother me, I rather liked the animation.

'Pleix' The animation in this film is quite cute. It's how the
sound and animation fit perfectly, the two compliment
each other so well it completely makes the film.

'Pleix' I love the style of mcbess' work however I can't say I'm a
fan of this advert, but the animations done really
well even though its got nothing to do with cars.

'Sehsucht' Animation is good and looks like it takes a lot of talent,
I didn't like the sound but the visuals are great for a tea advert.

'Sehsucht' MTV's video 'group hug' is absolutely amazing, this
is my favorite CG style that I've seen and the concept art all looked
awesome. Style and Characters both perfect for an I-dent.

This animation for Pictoplasma by 'Sehsucht' is so impressive,
its really weird and unexpected. The characters are mad and that
makes this animation.

'Tokyo Plastic' This is adorable, the characters are humorous and the
color style is really nice. It should well be a full length film looking like this.

'TokyoPlastic' This is a pretty stupid film and I liked it a lot.
Its funny and unique, the unpredictable surprising idea of the
film makes it rememberable and the character is adorable.

'TokyoPlastic' This is a really simple short animation,  and so it
works well as an Ident. The Idea is simple that is, the animation
looks like it took quite a bit of work and the
finished visuals look quality.