Tuesday, 4 March 2014

After Effects Video Editing

Yesterday I edited some footage of the paper boats, since this is for the nostalgia emotion (an emotion I think to be quite happy) I brightened and increased its saturation. Unfortunately there was nothing still in the shot so I had to use the boat itself to stabilize it. This worked better than I expected, the boat was quite still on the water so there isn't to much camera shake. After I edited the colours and stabalized the footaged I added a key to the dark reflections in the water as they were much darker than the rest of the water and I wanted it to all look blue not grey. Under the layer with the key I put a solid blue so that the shadows on the water were more transparent than the rest of the footage and they looked more blue than before, I then duplicated the footage layer to blend things in a bit better. 

Then I brightened a layer of the footage and masked it so that the top right corner was light, I animated the shape of the mask to fade and move the light. I then added a downloaded light leak and set it to screen sped it up and moved it to over the part of the footage where I wanted it, this added a nice 'greenish' tint of light for a second or so. 

Reversed footage

Before and after colour editing.