Friday, 11 October 2013

Model sheet layouts

These Model Sheets I looked at to see how I might display my sketches along side my finished coloured design, I like the start of a colour background on the one on the right here, that's quite effective. I'd like to do what the artist has done for the model sheet of this insect where they include sketches of separate parts of the character.

The plain background with horizontal lines keeps the model sheet looking tidy and keeps the focus on the design of the character but its not totally relevant to the character. I would prefer to use a background that suits my character, like I might use a snowy landscape for mine because of how she dresses and where she's from but I'll list some Ideas to decide from before putting together my model sheet.

When looking up examples of model sheets I didn't find many with any text, a character description or bio, so I'm still unsure how best to present this or fonts to use but I have a good idea of how I'm going to display the sketches and turn around for my character.