Friday, 27 September 2013

Last Weeks Progress

This is a test of the sheep I have designed for my current project so
far. I animated this second loop just to test the outlines I want to use,
I spent a while making new brushes because I wasn't happy with any
of the brushes on TvPaint for this animation. The sheep is for a short
sting for BritishAnimationAwards and the brief is for a 26 second 
animation, this means that I will have time to animate frame by frame
as I've done here and I am going to keep the color looking as traditional
as I can because I think I'll have time to color it with traditional styled
shading for such a short animation. I'm looking forward to being able to
animate in this style a lot with this kind of shaky outlines I'd get
from traditional 2d pencil animation.

The brief for the BAA sting competition specifies that it should include
at least one sheep so I've made sure to keep this in mind when brainstorming
my animation ideas.

This is the storyboard I am planning on animating so far, I'll post my other
storyboard Idea's later when I scan them in. I struggled a lot to think of
narrative I would want to animate that fits into the 26sec brief of the
competition, I've ended up making the narrative so basic I am relying on
the look of the animation and the characters to be entertaining enough
to cover for the lack of interesting story.

One of the sheep designs I coloured up, I kept the lines thin to get a fluffy soft
look but I dont thinks this design has enough character for my animation.

This sheep has more character than the last and It was a lot quicker for me to
color which is necessary as cause I'm gonna be coloring it frame by frame probably
between 300-500 times for the main sheep.


Last fridays CAD session we were experimenting with using different
textures to color our pencil drawings in photoshop but this isn't a method
I'd use for this project, I've already decided on how I'm coloring my
characters and drawing my backgrounds. but here is an example anyways of
the sort of bizarre unfitting textures I was experimenting with, spacey.

I haven't made a huge amount of progress on this project because I started 
a separate character design project which I'll post about shortly.