Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A while ago I saw some illustrations by an artist called Jake Parker. I think
this style is brilliant, his characters and vehicles look awesome. Then today, when I
wanted to start developing a background style for my next animation, I thought
I'd look to see how this artist did their backgrounds (if any). i found these...

Something In this sort of style but with a little less detail and digitally painted would probably suit my animation. The software I'm going to use for my animation has some nice watercolor brushes I've been wanting to try using for backgrounds. So tomorrow I'll probably draw some backgrounds taking inspiration from some of these illustrations but a more basic style, then I'll try coloring them digitally to look like traditional watercolor. I might try some real watercolor pictures as well just to compare.

Also these are backgrounds (and concept art) from the animation 'Le Royaume'
I posted about 2 days ago, these are a lot more realistically coloured than what I have
in mind for my backgrounds but the way the trees are drawn in the concept art
is the sort of style I'd use for my backgrounds. I like the weirder shaped trees in
this last picture best, I think I'll draw some pages of background assets like
these before drawing full backgrounds.